The Bayreuth Festival’s new homepage ushers in a new era

The English version of the new Bayreuth Festival website starts on July 23th.

To coincide with the start of the dress rehearsals on Thursday 17 July 2008, the Bayreuth Festival is launching a new homepage that marks the beginning of a new era in its history. In addition to all the usual information about the Festival’s performances, casts and production teams, its newly designed homepage includes numerous other features offering a very special, multimedia insight into the running of the Festival, while also providing fascinating information about the architecture of the theatre and the history of the Festival.

The video guide offers a virtual tour of the theatre with German- and English-language videos on the individual working areas, including the theatre workshops, the architecture of the Festspielhaus and the grounds on which the theatre stands. Throughout the Festival our daily podcast gives Wagner fans from all over the world a chance to become involved in the workings of the Festival and to see how the workshops operate, how the rehearsals are run and how each year’s productions gradually take shape. Books and other merchandizing may be viewed and ordered through the Festival’s online shop.

Working at high speed with its technology partner in Bayreuth, TMT, and with the staff of the Bayreuth Festival, BF Medien GmbH had barely two months to launch its elaborate new website, as planned, on 17 July. The English version followed six days later.