This year, the newly founded wahnfood GmbH from Bayreuth will take over the catering of the festival guests in Bayreuth. After a difficult year due to the pandemic in 2021, the festival will once again offer a comprehensive catering service for all visitors to the green hill.
The previous festival restaurant will become the “Festival Garden” – a large self-service summer garden outdoors & indoors.
Guests will be catered for with small, healthy and regionally sourced portions – from cakes to starters, main courses to desserts. In the indoor area of the Festival Gardens, tables can be freely seated; in the covered outdoor area, there are high tables.

The former self-service restaurant to the right of the Festival Garden will become the “Green Hill Kitchen”. Here, guests can expect an all-inclusive buffet, for which a table can be reserved in advance.

In the outdoor restaurant to the left of the Festspielhaus, there will be a “Walk of Fame” with various gastro stations. Here, visitors can enjoy small dishes and drinks at high tables that are weatherproof and can be used even in the rain.

The concept will be rounded off with “Wagner-To-Go”, which will be spread across the festival grounds and into the Festspielpark, offering drinks, coffee, ice cream etc. For picnic fans, there will be a special Festival basket including a blanket and tableware for the first break.

Payment will be made via the new Festival Gourmet Card. The cards, which are available with various credits, can be used at any gastro station and can be purchased on the performance days from 1 p.m. at the box office stations around the Festspielhaus or already in advance online and in various stores in the city. If ordered in advance by July 20, they will receive a four percent discount on the cash value purchased.
Cash payment will also be possible at all booths. Payment by EC/credit card is only possible for the purchase of the Festival Gourmet Card at the ticket booths.

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