TAFF, the team of active festival supporters, has stepped up to be a strong partner of the Bayreuth Festival. The ff in the name stands for fortissimo. Because the association, newly founded in 2010, wants to be heard and wants to move – the Festival itself and its enthusiastic supporters. In close coordination with the Festival management and in the area of tension between culture, society and business, the “Bayreuth Festival as an enterprise” is transparently promoted and also challenged. In doing so, TAFF addresses everyone who cares about the Green Hill – without regard to status, title, age or financial means. The term “team” is intended to clearly show how important constructive cooperation with the festival management is to the initiators.
For TAFF members, doors open that would otherwise remain closed. Belonging to our circle of friends and supporters is like an entrance ticket to a world that was previously reserved only for the Festival’s actors. And the key to exclusive events that money can’t buy.


TAFF e.V. – Wir sind Festspiele
Festspielhügel 4
95445 Bayreuth

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