Parsifal FAQ

“AR” is the abbreviation for “Augmented Reality” and means “extended reality”. AR belongs to the immersive technologies and thus enables immersion in new, virtual worlds. With augmented reality, the environment is overlaid with digital images and the real stage space is expanded. You follow the production on stage, while at the same time the entire space in front of and next to the stage is digitally extended and played upon.

In contrast to “AR”, with “Virtual Reality” the spectator experiences a completely digitally simulated environment, so there is no visual contact with the real stage space.

es, because “Augmented Reality” describes the extension of the real world and builds on the real space. The transparent glasses allow you to see the stage even when no digital images are visible.

By means of cameras, the position in the room is determined, so that the virtual images can be faded in, e.g., in the stage portal with location accuracy. This allows you to explore the entire space by moving your head. In the new production of Parsifal, we are using modern AR glasses that you can put on just like normal glasses.

Immersive technologies such as “Virtual Reality” and “Augmented Reality” have become more and more significant in recent years and are increasingly encountered in our everyday lives. In the spirit of Richard Wagner, we are creating innovation and expanding the theater space.

The transparent projection surface is built into the AR glasses, so the digital image is projected very close to your eye while you can simultaneously follow the real stage action in the distance. The AR glasses can therefore not be worn together with existing personal glasses, but the use of contact lenses is recommended. Without correction, the use of AR glasses is unfortunately not possible in cases of severe nearsightedness with values above -8 dpt, as well as in cases of severe farsightedness, severe astigmatism and high angle refractive error or strabismus. Nearsightedness in the range of -1.0 dpt to -8.0 dpt (in steps of 0.5 dpt) can be compensated by corrective lenses inserted by us into the AR glasses.

The AR glasses are only available on selected seats. The bookable seats and price categories can be found on the order form.

If you receive a seat with AR glasses, you will be asked to personalize your tickets as usual. When personalizing your tickets, we will also ask you what diopter number you have for any existing nearsightedness, so that we can fit the appropriate lenses.

The AR glasses will be ready for use at your booked seat on the day of the performance. Your AR glasses must be adjusted to you beforehand. For this purpose, the correction lenses for your diopter number, which you provided to us during the ordering process, will be inserted at our service points, and the nosepiece will be individually adjusted. For the optimal AR experience, the AR glasses can be adjusted to your head shape. Using a nosepiece, we can adjust the position of the AR glasses on your nose so that the field of view of the glasses matches the field of view of your eyes. In addition, we can insert lenses to adjust the visual acuity. Furthermore, your individual questions about the use of the glasses can be answered to ensure that the AR glasses are set up optimally. Plan on a maximum of 10 minutes for this. The fitting process should be completed no later than 2 hours before the performance begins. We will inform you in good time about the location and time slot of this personalization process.

Yes, however, we cannot then guarantee an optimal AR experience, as we then equip the AR glasses with a standard configuration. Thus, you can still see the “AR Parsifal”, but the field of view might be slightly restricted because the AR glasses sit too high or too low on your nose. Even after the 1st elevator, there is still the possibility to make necessary adjustments.
Since we customize a large number of AR glasses we would ask you to perceive the personalization in advance to ensure an optimal AR experience.

No, you do not need to operate the glasses and do not require any prior technical experience. The glasses are pre-configured at your seat, so you don’t need to push any buttons. The glasses are controlled by technology during the performance, so you can sit back and experience the immersion with AR.

Because of the built-in technology, AR glasses have a slightly heavier weight than traditional glasses, so you may experience some pressure on your nose.

In the event that your AR glasses do not work or you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Our service staff will be there for you at service points before the performance and during the breaks.

Yes, of course the glasses and accessories are hygienically disinfected after each performance. A special cleaning technique with short-wave, ultraviolet light is used for this, so bacteria and viruses are safely removed.