Wheelchair spaces

For performances of the Bayreuth Festival in the Festspielhaus, up to 6 seats are available for wheelchair users (price category B 3) in the stalls on the left and right, as well as one free seat each for any accompanying person required with appropriate proof. These seats are not available for immediate online purchase, please contact the sales department directly at:


Up to 20 peripheral seats (B2 and B3) for visitors with reduced mobility and ground-level accessible toilets are available in each performance. The ground-level access is located in the price categories: A1, B1, B2, B3.
In the 30th parquet row (A5 and B7) there is limited legroom in some cases.


For audiences with reduced mobility in the right-hand box, the right-hand balcony and the right-hand gallery, a lift is now available in the east stairwell on the right-hand side. If necessary, the lift will be accompanied by our security service.

Car parks

Separate, free parking spaces will be designated for severely disabled persons with an official disabled parking permit in car park “A” or, on 25.07.2023, in car park “B”. If further assistance is required, the Bavarian Red Cross can be contacted on 0176/25591251.

Travelling by taxi

Arrival and departure by taxi via the driveway to the Festspielhaus is possible again. On 25 July 2024, the entire driveway to the hill will be closed to all vehicles.

Hearing impaired visitors

From 2024, the Bayreuth Festival has installed an induction system for people with hearing impairments. The facility is available for seats accessed via door III and includes rows 9 to 13 with more than 200 seats in the A1, A2, B1, B2, B3 price category. Users of hearing aids and hearing implants with induction or telecoils can hear directly and understand speech better. Please activate the induction or telecoil of your hearing system during the presentation.