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Simone Schröder

The German contralto Simone Schröder was born in Altdöbern and studied singing at the Hanns Eisler Academy of Music in Berlin, the Carl Maria von Weber Academy of Music in Dresden and privately with Irmgard Hartmann-Dressler. A prizewinner in the Francesco Vignas International Competition in Barcelona and the International Mozart Competition in Salzburg, she has appeared regularly at the Staatsoper Unter den Linden in Berlin since 1997, appearing in both Parsifal and Die Walküre under the direction of Daniel Barenboim. Further stages in her career have taken her to Washington Opera, the Dresden State Opera and the Deutsche Oper in Berlin, as well as to the Canary Islands, Japan, Singapore and Denmark. Simone Schröder is also in demand as a concert singer in a wide-ranging repertory extending from Bach’s oratorios to Verdi’s Requiem and twentieth-century works. In June 2004 she recorded the part of Mary in Der fliegende Holländer in the first recording of the work on period instruments, and in May 2007 she took part in Deutsche Grammophon’s recording of Mahler’s Eighth Symphony under Pierre Boulez.

Engagements in Bayreuth

Year Opera Part
2021 Konzert Parsifal Altsolo
2021 Konzert Parsifal Klingsors Zaubermädchen
2021 Konzert Parsifal 2. Knappe
2021 Die Walküre Rossweisse
2020 Götterdämmerung Floßhilde
2020 Götterdämmerung 2. Norn
2020 Die Walküre Rossweisse
2020 Das Rheingold Floßhilde
2019 Parsifal Altsolo
2018 Die Walküre Waltraute
2017 Die Walküre Grimgerde
2015 Die Walküre Grimgerde
2012 Parsifal Altsolo
2011 Parsifal Altsolo
2010 Parsifal Altsolo
2010 Götterdämmerung Floßhilde
2010 Götterdämmerung 1. Norn
2010 Die Walküre Schwertleite
2010 Das Rheingold Floßhilde
2009 Parsifal Altsolo
2009 Götterdämmerung Floßhilde
2009 Götterdämmerung 1. Norn
2009 Die Walküre Schwertleite
2009 Das Rheingold Floßhilde
2008 Parsifal Altsolo
2008 Götterdämmerung 1. Norn
2008 Götterdämmerung Floßhilde
2008 Die Walküre Schwertleite
2008 Das Rheingold Floßhilde
2007 Parsifal Altsolo
2007 Götterdämmerung 1. Norn
2007 Die Walküre Schwertleite
2006 Parsifal Altsolo
2005 Parsifal Altsolo
2004 Götterdämmerung 1. Norn
2004 Siegfried Erda
2004 Die Walküre Schwertleite
2004 Das Rheingold Erda
2004 Parsifal Altsolo
2003 Götterdämmerung 1. Norn
2003 Siegfried Erda
2003 Die Walküre Grimgerde
2003 Das Rheingold Erda
2002 Siegfried Erda
2002 Götterdämmerung 1. Norn
2002 Die Walküre Grimgerde
2002 Das Rheingold Erda
2001 Parsifal 1. Knappe
2001 Parsifal Altsolo
2001 Parsifal Klingsors Zaubermädchen
2000 Parsifal Altsolo
2000 Parsifal Klingsors Zaubermädchen
2000 Parsifal 1. Knappe
1999 Parsifal Klingsors Zaubermädchen
1999 Parsifal 1. Knappe
1999 Parsifal Altsolo
1998 Parsifal Klingsors Zaubermädchen
1997 Parsifal Klingsors Zaubermädchen
1996 Parsifal Klingsors Zaubermädchen
1995 Tannhäuser 3. Edelknabe
1993 Tannhäuser 3. Edelknabe
1992 Tannhäuser 3. Edelknabe