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Hermann Nitsch

Hermann Nitsch - Born in Vienna in 1938, lives and works in Prinzendorf Castle in Austria. Hermann Nitsch is a substantial founder of the Vienna Actionism. He is one of the most significant contemporary artists and also one of the most versatile: performance artist, painter, composer (symphonies, organ concerts), dramatist, stage designer. His „Gesamtkunstwerk“, the Orgies Mysteries Theatre includes the wide spectrum of his art by demanding the use of all five senses - the tragic leads on to the involvement of flesh, blood and entrails. The O.M. Theatre is in Prinzendorf, a small village in a large wine area in the north of Vienna. Works of Hermann Nitsch are permanently presented in two monographic museums (Mistelbach/Austria and Naples/Italy) and in the most prestigious international museums and galleries all over the world. In summer 2022, 24 years after the first 6-days-play of the Orgies Mysteries Theatre in 1998, Hermann Nitsch will perform his Gesamtkunstwerk once more.

* 29.08.1938 in Wien

† 18.04.2022 in Mistelbach