The Bayreuth Festival mourns Manfred Voss!

The trained electrician, who joined the Bremen Theater in 1963 through Kurt Hübner, was a student of Wieland Wagner’s chief lighting technician Paul Eberhardt. The “Jahrhundert-Ring” by Patrice Chéreau was his breakthrough – and his masterpiece. “The secret of successful lighting is that it makes itself invisible,” said Manfred Voss about his work. Since then he has been revered as the “painter of stage design”, and Heiner Müller called him “King of Light” in gratitude for the illumination of his “Tristan”. For more than 25 years Voss was in charge of all new productions of the Bayreuth Festival, among others for Jean-Pierre Ponnelle, Harry Kupfer, Alfred Kirchner and Jürgen Flimm. In 2003 he was awarded the German Stage Prize OPUS. The Bayreuth Festival honors the memory of Manfred Voss.