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Eberhard Friedrich

Eberhard Friedrich was born in Darmstadt and studied conducting with Helmuth Rilling in Frankfurt am Main, leading to his first appointment as chorus master at the Koblenz Town Theatre in 1986. Five years later he moved to a similar post at the Hessian State Theatre in Wiesbaden. He began his long association with the Bayreuth Festival in 1991, initially as assistant, but from 2000 as chorus master of the Bayreuth Festival Chorus. Since 1998 he has also been chorus master of the Staatsoper Unter den Linden. His work attracted particular attention through Daniel Barenboim’s recording of Tannhäuser, which received a Grammy Award not least as a result of Eberhard Friedrich’s work with the Staatsoper Chorus. For its work on Schoenberg’s Moses und Aron, also conducted by Barenboim, the Staatsoper Chorus was named Chorus of the Year in 2004. In addition to his operatic responsibilities, Eberhard Friedrich has also worked with numerous other choirs on various projects. For many years he worked regularly with the International Bach Academy in Stuttgart, while also rehearsing the Youth Choir of Baden-Württemberg. Other choirs with which he has worked include those in Krakow, Tallinn and Vilnius, the Prague Philharmonic Choir and the Bavarian Radio Choir. In addition to his activities in Berlin and Bayreuth he worked with the Rundfunkchor Berlin, with the RIAS Chamber Choir of the Dutch Broadcast, and recently with the Choirs of the Westminster Choir College.

After 15 years working at the Staatsoper Unter den Linden Eberhard Friedrich became chorus master of the Hamburg State Opera with the season 2013/14.  Under his leadership, the Bayreuth Festival Chorus is honored with the International Opera Award in 2014 as Best Opera Chorus.

Engagements in Bayreuth

2020GötterdämmerungChoral Conducting
2020LohengrinChoral Conducting
2020TannhäuserChoral Conducting
2019ParsifalChoral Conducting
2019Die Meistersinger von NürnbergChoral Conducting
2019Tristan und IsoldeChoral Conducting
2019LohengrinChoral Conducting
2019TannhäuserChoral Conducting
2018ParsifalChoral Conducting
2018Die Meistersinger von NürnbergChoral Conducting
2018Tristan und IsoldeChoral Conducting
2018LohengrinChoral Conducting
2018Der fliegende HolländerChoral Conducting
2017ParsifalChoral Conducting
2017GötterdämmerungChoral Conducting
2017Die Meistersinger von NürnbergChoral Conducting
2017Tristan und IsoldeChoral Conducting
2016ParsifalChoral Conducting
2016GötterdämmerungChoral Conducting
2016Tristan und IsoldeChoral Conducting
2016Der fliegende HolländerChoral Conducting
2015GötterdämmerungChoral Conducting
2015Tristan und IsoldeChoral Conducting
2015LohengrinChoral Conducting
2015Der fliegende HolländerChoral Conducting
2014GötterdämmerungChoral Conducting
2014LohengrinChoral Conducting
2014TannhäuserChoral Conducting
2014Der fliegende HolländerChoral Conducting
2013GötterdämmerungChoral Conducting
2013LohengrinChoral Conducting
2013TannhäuserChoral Conducting
2013Der fliegende HolländerChoral Conducting
2012ParsifalChoral Conducting
2012Tristan und IsoldeChoral Conducting
2012LohengrinChoral Conducting
2012TannhäuserChoral Conducting
2012Der fliegende HolländerChoral Conducting
2011ParsifalChoral Conducting
2011Die Meistersinger von NürnbergChoral Conducting
2011Tristan und IsoldeChoral Conducting
2011LohengrinChoral Conducting
2011TannhäuserChoral Conducting
2010ParsifalChoral Conducting
2010GötterdämmerungChoral Conducting
2010Die Meistersinger von NürnbergChoral Conducting
2010LohengrinChoral Conducting
2009ParsifalChoral Conducting
2009GötterdämmerungChoral Conducting
2009Die Meistersinger von NürnbergChoral Conducting
2009Tristan und IsoldeChoral Conducting
2008ParsifalChoral Conducting
2008GötterdämmerungChoral Conducting
2008Die Meistersinger von NürnbergChoral Conducting
2008Tristan und IsoldeChoral Conducting
2007ParsifalChoral Conducting
2007GötterdämmerungChoral Conducting
2007TannhäuserChoral Conducting
2007Die Meistersinger von NürnbergChoral Conducting
2006ParsifalChoral Conducting
2006Tristan und IsoldeChoral Conducting
2006GötterdämmerungChoral Conducting
2006Der fliegende HolländerChoral Conducting
2005ParsifalChoral Conducting
2005TannhäuserChoral Conducting
2005Der fliegende HolländerChoral Conducting
2005LohengrinChoral Conducting
2005Tristan und IsoldeChoral Conducting
2004Der fliegende HolländerChoral Conducting
2004GötterdämmerungChoral Conducting
2004TannhäuserChoral Conducting
2004ParsifalChoral Conducting
2003LohengrinChoral Conducting
2003GötterdämmerungChoral Conducting
2003TannhäuserChoral Conducting
2003Der fliegende HolländerChoral Conducting
2002Die Meistersinger von NürnbergChoral Conducting
2002GötterdämmerungChoral Conducting
2002LohengrinChoral Conducting
2002TannhäuserChoral Conducting
2001ParsifalChoral Conducting
2001GötterdämmerungChoral Conducting
2001LohengrinChoral Conducting
2001Die Meistersinger von NürnbergChoral Conducting
2000LohengrinChoral Conducting
2000Die Meistersinger von NürnbergChoral Conducting
2000GötterdämmerungChoral Conducting
2000ParsifalChoral Conducting