The countdown is on!

On Sunday, 3 December at 2 p.m., this year’s online instant purchase will start, allowing you to purchase tickets, including for the individual works of the “Ring des Nibelungen” of the 2024 Festival season, for the first time by booking the seating plan or best seat booking. The prerequisite is a customer account with the Bayreuth Festival and a corresponding verified e-mail address. As soon as you have accessed the queue, the “first-come-first-serve principle” applies. In the queue itself, credited waiting years, association affiliations, memberships etc. do NOT play a role. do NOT play a role. Unfortunately, the time between entering the queue and admission to the ticket shop cannot be estimated in advance. A maximum of 8 tickets can be purchased per work, totalling 32 tickets. In the price categories G1-G4, E3-E6 and C6 as well as C7 a maximum of two tickets can be purchased, as there are only a few seats available. We have provided further information on online instant purchase at:…/infos-zum…/.