Registration process until one hour before the start of the performance and important hygiene regulations of the 2021 Festival.

Prior to each performance, as part of this year’s hygiene policy, registration is required, with the following documentation to be submitted and completed up to one hour prior to the start of the performance:

Proof of

  • a recovered Corona infection not more than six months ago in the original in German or English, or
  • a complete vaccination with vaccines approved in the EU (at least 14 days after the second vaccination) or
  • a PCR or antigen test from the day of the performance. Guests may also arrive with a test result from their home town.

The respective proofs must be available in German or English.

Furthermore the following documents have to be presented

  • the ticket for the performance and
  • an official identification document (identity card, passport, driver’s license).

Each visitor must appear in person, as the accreditation process is completed by putting on an admission wristband. It is not possible to attend a Bayreuth Festival performance without registering up to one hour before the performance begins with all required documents.

There will be a registration center and a small test center on the grounds of the outdoor pool next to the parking lots of the Festspielhaus (An der Bürgerreuth 8, 95445 Bayreuth). The registration and test center will open four hours before the start of the performance, for the necessary registration to „Rheingold – Immer noch Loge“ from 9:30 am. In addition, there will be a counter on the premises of Bayreuth Marketing & Tourismus GmbH (Opernstraße 22, 95444 Bayreuth; opens seven hours before and closes one hour before the start of the performance) and in the box office area of the Richard Wagner Museum (Haus Wahnfried; Richard-Wagner-Straße 48, 95444 Bayreuth; Monday-Sunday from 10 am–5 pm).

Late admission after the start of the performance is not possible. We strongly recommend that all Festival visitors allow correspondingly more time for the registration process and complete the registration process up to one hour before the performance begins.

The following items cannot be brought into the Festival Hall:

  • Backpacks and bags that exceed an A4 size,
  • bulky, pointed and sharp objects,
  • items that are subject to the German Weapons Act,
  • seat cushions,
  • beverage bottles and other liquid containers, as well as
  • umbrellas that exceed a total length of 30 cm when folded.

Due to Corona, there will be no checkrooms available in the Festspielhaus this year, and there will be no seat cushion rental. Fanning during performances is prohibited.

During all procedures (registration, admission), on all traffic routes in the Festspielhaus, on the seats in the auditorium during the performance, in the sanitary facilities outside and if the minimum distance of 1.50 m cannot be maintained, the obligation to wear an FFP2 mask applies. Exceptions, e.g. in the form of certificates, cannot be accepted. Due to Covid-19, the foyer is not available for visitors to use before performances and during intermissions. The visitors’ toilets in the Festspielhaus cannot be used this year; a sufficient number of visitors’ toilets will be available in the outdoor area of the Festspielhaus.