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Sylvester Groth

Sylvester Groth became known in the GDR in 1982 for his portrayal of the young Mark Niebuhr in Frank Beyer's DER AUFENTHALT. He played at all major German-language theaters under renowned directors such as Peter Zadek, Klaus-Michael Grüber and Robert Wilson. He has appeared on stages as Don Carlos, Trofimow, Zucco, Tempelherr and Hamlet.
His most important television works include REISE NACH WEIMAR (D. Graf), ROMEO (H. Huntgeburth), JENSEITS (M. Färberböck), DER VERLEGER (B. Böhlich) and OSWALT KOLLE (S. Zanke). In recent years, Sylvester Groth has attracted attention primarily through artistically outstanding television films. However, his highly acclaimed portrayal of Goebbels in Dani Levy's MEIN FÜHRER also brought him great attention on the big screen. Sylvester Groth's artistic achievements have been honored with, among others, the GRIMME Award for ROMEO and the GOLDEN CAMERA as a member of the acting ensemble of DAS WUNDER VON LANGEDE. In May 2007, he received the Award of the Association of German Critics in the category Film. In January 2010, he was honored by the Screen Actors Guild for his "Oustanding Performence by a Cast in a Motion Picture" in INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS. In 2011, the ZDF three-parter "Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter" was Sylvester Groth's first collaboration with director Philipp Kadelbach, which continued with "Nackt unter Wölfen." He starred alongside Bruno Ganz in the feature film IN ZEITEN DES ABNEHMENDEN LICHTS by Matti Geschonneck. The film had its premiere at the Berlinale in 2016. He created one of the main characters in GERMANY 83, 86 and 89.
Groth has also been one of the most sought-after audio book and radio play interpreters for years.