Ticketing 2021

The suspension of the Bayreuth Festival this year will also change the ordering procedure for the 2021 season. The order documents will be sent in January 2021 exclusively to customers who purchased tickets in the 2020 season but have not made use of the refund. The 2021 season schedule will be published on the homepage at the end of the year.

The contingent of freely available seats cannot yet be predicted in the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, as there may theoretically be a limited number of seats available. Therefore a sale of possible free seats will take place in May 2021 at the earliest and exclusively as an online instant purchase.

The “waiting year system” applied in Bayreuth will be suspended for the 2021 season. All registered customers will remain at the same level of waiting years accumulated until the 2020 season.

Further information on the sale of tickets will be published on our homepage in due course, we kindly ask you to refrain from further inquiries in this regard.