Hygiene measures Bayreuth Festival 2022!

Since 3.4.2022 with an initial term until 28.5.2022, new rules apply with the 16th Bavarian Infection Protection Measures Ordinance for the implementation of cultural events. Accordingly, there is no limit to the seating capacity in event halls and the official requirement to wear medical protective masks no longer applies.

The Bayreuth Festival is currently revising the hygiene concept for this year’s festival in consultation with the licensing authorities. The hygiene concept will ultimately form the basis for the operating permit to be issued and will assume full occupancy of the hall.

According to the current legal situation, there is no check of vaccination or convalescent status for admission and proof of a negative antigen test is not required. This also eliminates the need for prior registration for the public.

When drawing up the hygiene concept, the special structural features of the hall and the possibilities for ventilation play a particularly important role, which is why a comparison with other theaters or opera houses is not readily possible. The measures within the framework of the hygiene concept are determined with the involvement of external experts as well as the responsible authorities in consideration of the various interests, which range from facilitating hygiene protection to reducing the risk of infection. This year’s hygiene protection requirements will be based on the legal and regulatory requirements, but must in any case comply with or implement the official requirements for the granting of the operating license; they may therefore differ from the requirements in other theaters. Since the pandemic situation cannot yet be assessed for the performances from July 25, 2022 to September 2, 2022, we assume that masks will also be mandatory in the auditorium during the performances.

We are always guided by the interest in enabling our audience to attend performances safely; to the extent necessary, we will adapt the regulations in accordance with the legal situation in force in the summer, taking into account the Bayreuth-specific peculiarities.

We very much hope that significantly lower infection figures will be recorded for the summer and will inform you about the current regulatory requirements and developments and the resulting effects on our website.