Bayreuther Festspiele

Bayreuth - Festspiel- und Wagnerstadt

Welcome to the town of Richard Wagner

Every summer the Festspielhaus that symbolizes Bayreuth draws the eyes of the world to this Upper Franconian town, but Bayreuth conceals many other cultural highlights, all of which reward a visit. Quite apart from its Wagnerian associations, Bayreuth is also a modern business centre, a
congress centre and a university town. World-famous historical figures
and buildings associated with the margraves of Bayreuth invite visitors to
travel back into the past on a rewarding journey of discovery. Museums
and various other sights document the town's varied cultural heritage and show another aspect of Bayreuth apart from Richard Wagner.


Richard Wagner

Although Bayreuth is associated above all with Wagner's immortal music
dramas, the town has also been home to other artists no less imaginative and creative. Wagner's father-in-law, Franz Liszt, died in Bayreuth in a
house just next to the Wagner Museum at Wahnfried. The property is
now home to a Liszt Museum that invites visitors to explore the life and
work of a child prodigy who went on to revolutionize the art of piano

Franz Liszt

The local writer Jean Paul was famous for his idiosyncratic
novels teeming with elaborate puns and verbal arabesques. His life is
documented by the town's Jean Paul Museum.

Jean Paul


Markgräfin Wilhelmine

In an age notable for its fairytale gowns and brilliant parties, Bayreuth
was the royal residence of the art-loving, life-loving Margravine
, who was the daughter of King Friedrich Wilhelm I of
Prussia and the favourite sister of Frederick the Great. It is to her that
Bayreuth owes what is arguably the finest surviving Baroque theatre in
Germany and well as the historic gardens at the Eremitage outside the
town, with their dreamy grottos, fairytale orangery and playful fountains.



Kultur auf Schritt und Tritt

During the summer, young musicians from all over the world turn the
town's pedestrian precinct into Bayreuth's largest stage and provide it
with a truly international flavour. In addition to countless musical
highlights, there are also numerous theatres such as the Studiobühne and Brandenburger Kulturstadl performing highbrow works by well-known and as yet undiscovered writers.


Mit Leib und Seele genießen

No less varied than Bayreuth itself is the town's range of culinary
delights. For healthier appetites, there are local specialities such as
Franconian dumplings and crispy roast, while visitors with more refined
palates are well catered for by nouvelle cuisine and international dishes.
The town boasts beer gardens nestling among ancient chestnut trees, snug traditional pubs and modern restaurants offering the most varied culinary choices, all of them providing Festival visitors with gastronomic
pleasures in abundance. Visitors who want to do more than just sample
the art of Franconian brewing and who want to learn more about it are
invited to visit the Brewery Museum in the grounds of the Maisel
Brewery. Visitors will discover all that there is to know about the art of
brewing, including the German purity law and its historical roots.


Tief durchatmen und entspannen

Numerous leisure activities offer visitors to Bayreuth a chance to relax
and unwind away from the world of Wagner's mystical music dramas.
Relax at the Lohengrin Baths, exercise out of doors on the eighteen-hole
golf course and enjoy nature pure and simple in the Jura Mountains of the region affectionately known as 'Franconian Switzerland'. Whatever you
do, we promise you that your visit to Bayreuth will be unforgettable.


Bayreuth is one oft he biggest centres of excellence around the region with its about 73.000 inhabitants and 43.000 employees mandatory to social insurance contributions.
Numerous public authorities, associations and organisations are situated here and make Bayreuth’s essential service function in the region.
Moreover, Bayreuth enjoys a good reputation worldwide, regarding its position as business and academic location. Innovative and international enterprises, good transport connections and an outstanding infrastructure, top performance in research and development as well as well trained staff are among the advantages of Bayreuth as economic sector.

Area of competence: New Materials 

Kompetenzfeld Neue Materialien

Bayreuth has outstanding competence in the field of „Neue Materialien“. This core competence is consequently strengthened by a close cooperation between the state of Bavaria, Bayreuth university and the city council of Bayreuth. So, for instance, two Fraunhofer institutes are currently being established (Fraunhofer projectgroup process innovation and the Fraunhofer centre “Hochtemperatur-Leichtbau” (HTL). At the campus of the university the centre of Technologie Allianz Oberfranken (TAO) is build up. They all contribute to the already well developed research landscape of Bayreuth, e.g. “Neue Materialien GmbH”. Located companies across all industries can work on innovative solutions in a close dialogue with the above mentioned and by means of that score against competitors.

Area of competence: Logistics

Kompetenzfeld Logistik

Another area of competence of Bayreuth is logistics. The logistic sector is considered to be one of the strongest growing industries in the future. Due to its centrality, its proximity to markets and its extraordinary transport connections, Bayreuth offers ideal local conditions to this branch. Bayreuth is partner of the logistic cooperation for the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region.
a close dialogue with the above mentioned and by means of that score against competitors.

Area of Competence: Health care industry

Kompetenzfeld Gesundheitswirtschaft

Owing to its infrastructure and the level of its medical services the city of Bayreuth is among the most important centres of health care all over Northern Bavaria. Five highly qualified hospitals are situated all over the city. The hospitals “Klinikum Bayreuth” and “Hohe Warte” together guarantee the highest level of medical care. Thanks to permanent investments in equipment, and innovations regarding medical treatments as well as the cooperation of healthcare providers, the quality label „Gesundheitsregion Bayern“ (Healthcare region Bavaria) was awarded to Bayreuth in 2012.

University of Bayreuth: motor of innoavation

Innovationsmotor Universität Bayreuth

A very essential impulse of innovation in Bayreuth is its university. With its priorities in economies/law and applied natural sciences, Bayreuth university ranges among the most successful universities all over Germany and belongs to the top of new universities worldwide. Regarding scientific know how, interdisciplinary research and cooperation with the economy promote the transfer of knowledge and technology into practice.
Moreover, the university of Bayreuth is one of the greatest centres of interdisciplinary African studies all over Europe. Linguistics and literature studies, religious studies, history, ethnology, geography and ecology, social studies, politics and law work together in the Institute of African Studies (IAS). Africa has also become present in Bayreuth’s public, with the Iwalewa-House as a place of production and presentation of discourse-oriented and contemporary African arts.

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