Bayreuther Festspiele


The Gesellschaft der Freunde von  bayreuth

The support of the Bayreuth Festival is the mission of the Society of the Friends of Bayreuth since its founding in 1949. Together with the brothers Wieland and Wolfgang Wagner, the founding members made possible the reopening of the Bayreuth Festival in 1951. Since then over 60 million Euro could be transferred to the festival management.

Whether for annual operating subsidies for the festival season, the preservation of the Festspielhaus, investments in technical equipment, the forthcoming general restoration of the Festspielhaus or the plans for a new trial stage, the Festival could reliably count on the support from the Friends of Bayreuth.

Being a friend means going beyond the financial commitment, to constant exchange, learning, and discussion about the design and interpretation of the works and ideas of Richard Wagner. Even if the artistic decisions are alone made by the festival management, the Friends will passionately and controversially debate over the different viewpoints. A broad forum through our events makes this possible.

From its beginnings in 1949 until today, the number of Friends has increased continuously. Today, the Friends of Bayreuth with over 5,300 members worldwide, is one of the largest and financially strongest Patron Societies in Germany.

You also are welcome in our midst and can show your loyalty to the Bayreuth Festival with a membership in the Friends.

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